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Need help using forum?  Empty Need help using forum?

Post by Sassyazz on Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:58 am

Q: Why can I can only see one or two category(s)?
A: Most of the forum is private for MorningStar members only. Only members of MorningStar can become Forum members.

Q: I signed up for the Forums but I can not log in yet!!!
A: I have to approve membership to the forum. I will only approve members of the MorningStar Order. If you are a member of the order I should approve you shortly if not find me in game or on Kakao.

Q: The forum does not look right, is limited, or "as guest" on my phone .
A: The Forum web page is most likely in a mobile version. As of now it is very limited (this is out of my control so I can not fix it) there should be a link called "classic version" right below the forum categories on the home page. Click on it to return to normal view.



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