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Post by Sassyazz on Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:51 am

Hi Welcome to MorningStar
Brief Summary to tell everyone all about us!!

The order was established after Holy War 2, with the intentions of recruiting individuals that had the same enthusiasm about the game as the leaders and immediate members at that time.

Morningstar is an order with a friendly, family type atmosphere. We help each other grow thru each quest, improve their decks and guide you in the right Direction. Team work is a necessity in this game and is expected once you have been accepted as a member. The leadership understands there are times when real life issues take precedence of a mobile game application.

The website is for all members use; you can post new topics, comments and send private messages. We also use Line as a group chat; it is extremely helpful with keeping our event activities coordinated and daily activities since the in game chat is limited in what is saved.
Please feel free to contact any of your leadership whether private message or private chat.

We are here to help you grow and enjoy the game. There are also very experienced members within the order who are more than willing to answer questions.

The Leadership for Morningstar is as follows:
Order Leader: CrmsnGod
Leader: Gitchoppa
Leader: Rlowrey7
Leader: TrueAcea
Leader: CircuitSurfer
Leader: SassyAzz

Quick stats

Order Level 77
Order Members 37/37
Last Holy War Rank 178

Highest Level 180
Lowest level 66
Average level 100

Man Realm members 9
God Realm Members 12
Demon Realm Members 7


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